Use It: Hidden Tricks Inside Of Google Play Services App For Phones That Nobody Knows (Updated).

No joke I did one and had no luck then after two or three more times It is now working ok…So far. The error message `unfortunately, has stopped`. I have forced stop, cleared cach and data, still the message persists every 15 seconds. I went to my local T-Mobile Store & all the associate did was exactly the same thing as I did….

  • After the update is installed, reboot or restart your Android device to make sure that the changes take place.
  • And, finally, if none of the previous steps worked out for you, the only remaining solution we can recommend is resetting your device to factory settings.
  • So, in the first place, we would like you to restart your Android device when you cannot update Google Play Services.

If their problem still exists then try the following methods to uproot it successfully. Now I hope you will have a solid idea about what causes this problem. Let’s learn about how to solve “Unfortunately Settings has stopped” error.

Unfortunately google Play Services Keeps Stopping Problem

By the same token, it’s inaccurate to say that being on an older version of Android leaves users users wide open to malware. Google Play Services has an enormous role to play in securing older Android phones against bad apps, which generally come from app stores other than Google Play. First things first — what is Google Play Services? From the user’s perspective it’s an app, controlled by Google which updates automatically in the background through the Google Play Store. There’s not really any user-facing part of the app, unless you count the “Google Settings” icon on phones running Lollipop and earlier versions.

The best way to avoid the automatic installation by the Google Play Store is to skip the Google account setup following the Factory Reset. Then go in and manually add your Google account and begin to selectively update only the critical apps. Then use the phone for awhile and add a few apps at a time. I received this error message out of the blue. Logged into my Gmail account through another device, found out there was a security issue. I reset it to factory defaults for nothing lol.

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There are sometimes you find yourself struggling with some problems on your android phone that gets you so much frustrating, feels like smashing your device on the wall. If you’ve recently updated your phone’s software, then it’s recommended to clear its cache partition from recovery. Turn off your phone and press Volume Up + Power key simultaneously to enter the recovery. Here, select “Wipe Cache Partition” or “Clear Cache Partition” and proceed. Different phones may have different key combinations, so keep a note of that. Have you noticed a sudden surge in power consumption for the Google Play Services app on your phone? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.