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A. Yes, Hootsuite is one of the oldest and most popular social media management tools. It can help you manage multiple social media profiles in one place. A. You can use social media management tools such as Crowdfire, Hootsuite, Zoho Social, and Buffer that allow you to manage a few social media accounts for free. It not only offers you social media management capabilities but also makes it simple to manage other avenues of marketing.

It is one of the most efficient social media management tools. This is one of the most powerful social media management tools which shortens your connections automatically. So you need a content manager, but you are a single person responsible for creating, supporting, and designing evergreen content? MeetEdgar is your handy automated content manager and is a tool for social media management that manages your content and optimizes your social traffic. After a few minutes, you’ll be able to see, in real-time, the influence of your social media properties.

  • The publishing engine that comes with QBank gives you control over how your content is exposed across different channels.
  • CELUM’s DAM solution provides a platform where users can upload, search, manage and share files.
  • And it’s so much more than that, too – it’s a one-stop-shop for any-sized business to upload, store, organize, manage, edit and optimize images.
  • Instead, it’s a total image management and editing platform, complete with API integration and CDN delivery.
  • This can include social media, print, web and display advertising.

Uploading PDFs, presentations and images directly into a story is a snap. In short, Story Creator is extremely useful for marketing communications teams in need of a single platform to easily manage a wide variety of brand communication assets while targeting relevant audiences. I’m so happy that you liked my article on social media management tools.

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CoSchedule is an intelligent social media management tool that empowers businesses and agencies to foster better relationships with their audiences, customers, and clients. Kontentino helps you streamline the workflow of your social media marketing team. This platform makes collaboration easier so that managers, creative directors, designers, and copywriters can seamlessly work together. Marketers and entrepreneurs already know the importance of social media management tools for managing multiple networks, helps you run social campaigns more efficiently. This intuitive web application easily integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social Itunes networking sites. This social media management suite comes with highly advanced reporting software with custom reports, intuitive graphs, and engagement information. Moreover, you can track revenue from social media marketing campaigns which will help you measure social ROI efficiently.

A lot of social media management software companies will list the best features on their homepage, but some of them may not be available at the price point you need. Make sure your price point covers the number of social networks/accounts you need to manage and all of the features you want. Social media competitive analysis tools – With social media competitive analysis tools, you get the ability to see where your social media marketing ranks with your competitors.

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Billed as a Content Management Tool, Prowly’s Story Creator allows you to compose blog posts, interviews and press releases with clean, customizable templates. You can easily manage your content with the app’s editorial calendar, which allows you to assign tasks to members of your team. Got an exclusive message you want to send out to some VIP journalists, then you can take advantage of the Private/Public function to keep content walled off from the general public.

The dashboard main page pulls up a summary of your presence at the top left, providing a screenshot of what you’ve been up to online. It’s a great way to see the landscape before you decide to make any posts. From this location, you can visit your available tabs or, scroll down to see quick snapshots of your connected accounts. Sprout Social provides a quick score that indicates how well you’re communicating with your audience. The higher your score number, the more valuable your audience to your business. Telling a story is the best way to build a relationship with your audience.

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This is a multi-functional tool that serves different purposes like tracking brand mentions, curtains content, and automatically publishing it per your schedule. It is a powerful content curation tool that can find and sort relevant content that you can share on all your social media channels. I hope you have enjoyed this guide to social media management tools.