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Instead of showing an Xpadder infinite loading spinner paired with the word “loading,” such products add humor. One of the great examples is Slack, which often cracks a joke when users log in into the app. Success state—a state users see when all goes according to the plan—is a perfect place to bake in humor.

Pleasure is at the top of Aaron Walter’s pyramid of emotional design. And when a product serves these basic requirements, then it’s possible to add delight to the user experience. Adding a bit of fun into interactions can move you up to the pinnacle of a pyramid. Does this mean that to create a great product all we need to bake humor into our designs?

As with anything, there is no simple formula for injecting humor into your design. Each product is different and requires its own approach.

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This could be on a screen users see in email app when they send their first email, or an order confirmation screen in a food ordering app. Sometimes even simple things can help you make the first interaction with a product unforgettable.

Whatever the reason is, the way you design empty states plays a vital role. Some products have found a creative way of using the loading screens.

  • The best part of these funny Amazon reviews has to be the customer product photos, which are so hilarious that they belong in a best-selling coffee table book somewhere.
  • Oh Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer, was there ever so useless a kitchen accessory?
  • However, by far the best – and one of the funniest Amazon reviews ever – comes from James O. Thach, an Amazon Top 500 Reviewer, who tells a sad and sorry tale of sacrifices made in order to obtain this Samsung TV.
  • Probably not, but your absurdity has earned you an ironic 3.5 star rating and some funny fake Amazon reviews.

However, there are a few places where humor can be implemented without too much risk. Personification is attributing human characteristics to objects or creatures. It’s one of the most popular ways of using humor both in product design and advertising, because personification makes it easier for people to understand key concepts. Aaron Walter rethinks Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to explain the needs of users.

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Rating responses in Yelp.And below is an example of macrocopy that brings a smile to users’ faces—Slack’s release notes. Slack adds humor in its information about the fixes it has made for their iOS app. Its introductory greeting often changes to a different language. Empty states are pages that don’t contain any data. The page might be empty because users just recently started using an app and the app doesn’t contain any data to display, or the app might encounter a network error and can’t download data.

Old wisdom says that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Similar to human relations, your app has only one opportunity to create an excellent first impression on your users. It’s possible to increase the likelihood of this by introducing humor and delight.