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Handmade vase with a hand-dipped satin glazes. These vases are hand-thrown on the potters wheel.

Use these vases as centrepiece objects on their own, with floral arrangements, or in groups of two or three as a collection of statement pieces. They have been thrown with weight in the base to keep them sturdy for all of your flora displays. The gorgeous satin glaze allows the tell-tale throwing lines to be revealed on the sides of the vase, giving the vessel a tactile, softly undulating surface which is unique to hand thrown pieces.

Images show the colour and style of this item.  The exact item you receive will vary slightly in size and shape, revealing the hand made process and making each item absolutely unique. This is a hand-thrown product, so allow for size differences of up to 20mm in diameter and height. Please email me if you would like the exact measurements of items in stock.

Size: approx 115mm dia x 170mm high (allow tolerances of 20mm)

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