01_Birdy Platter
Perch Platter

Turning lemons into lemonade! This platter was a happy mishap caused by a crow deciding to perch on the edge of my freshly thrown platter. When a thrown piece comes off the wheel the clay is soft and needs to be left out to dry and stiffen before I begin the next stage of turning the foot. I had left this platter out in the open air to dry quickly, but a curious crow decided to take a look before it had the chance to stiffen. The side folded gently under its weight and its claw marks were imprinted in the surface of the clay.The platter was glazed – appropriately – in Birdy Green, with a white dipped rim. I highlighted the claw marks using an oxide. This platter was purchased by a friend of mine and given to his partner as a gift.

Please note, I’m currently on leave and am not  taking custom orders.