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Exclusively for Club members, I’ve created a series of advanced shortcuts that take advantage of the new Shortcuts features for iOS 14. The shortcuts will be released in a special issue of our newsletter, MacStories Weekly, later this week. Apple is working on multiple methods to use a keyboard with a pair of augmented reality glasses or other head-mounted device, including virtual keyboards projected onto surfaces. The only folks who shouldn’t jump into Catalina are those with old hardware, unsupported peripherals, or old software you just can’t surrender.

Sure, you can set up Windows and Linux to run in a dual boot. You can also install Windows in a virtual machine in most other Linux distros. But RoboLinux’s Stealth VM tool streamlines the process and improves its operation. This all happens without the hassle normally experienced with having to install and setup everything yourself.

You can drag Mac windows over to your iPad, although unlike a standard extended desktop screen, windows can’t straddle the line between the Mac and iPad; they snap inside one or the other. Once placed, you can view and type directly into Mac documents on the iPad. Apple avoided this by creating iOS graphical elements optimized for touch from the beginning, with no attempts to hybridize a touch/tap environment that sort-of works any way you want.

Prefer Performance Over Style

  • If you do have a few images to scan, it’s smarter to set them aside separately.
  • Along with the scanner itself, you get a copy of the AmbirScan ADF software.
  • This software is designed specifically for Mac, and is both intuitive and easy to use.
  • Another thing that can affect scanning speed is the type of material being scanned.
  • That way, you can scan all your text quickly, and only use the slower setting where it’s needed.

That is a good incentive for newcomers to switch to RoboLinux. It is even a better incentive for small businesses and disgruntled Windows users to come to Linux in general. RoboLinux is one of the most advanced desktop Linux distributions you can find. The latest release is even better, making it potentially THE best Linux variety available today for desktop users.

In my case, I can hang on to my workbench Windows software without actually keeping separate physical boxes that add to my office clutter. I can also play classic and current Windows-based games.

You can also say "Show Grid" to navigate around the display using coordinate numbers . You can even use the Mac to import a Continuity Sketch into a document while using that Sidecar-attached iPad. This opens up a new iPad sketch window; your sketch is then dropped into your Mac document, reverting the iPad back your existing Sidecar session. What you see on the Sidecar iPad is still running on top of iPadOS, so you can also use the new three-finger tap gestures for cut, copy, paste, and undo. As an extended desktop, Sidecar facebook downloader lets you work with your iPad as if it’s a second monitor.

You can tap the Pencil to click on buttons or select text, tap, and drag to move around windows, and you can select text as if using a highlighter. You can also touch the Sidecar sidebar buttons to perform shift-click or command-click selections with the Pencil. Also note that if you interrupt that connection or dismiss the "Add a Sketch" button on your Mac , the session will abruptly end and your sketch will be lost.

Android Phone

While Apple Pencil on Sidecar works effectively like a precise mouse input device, it can be tricky to perform some basic navigation tasks such as window resizing or view scrolling. That’s why Apple presents the Pencil as a precision drawing tool, not really a primary way of navigating the iPad UI. Working as an extended desktop, you can drag Mac windows to your iPad and control anything the iPad screen via Apple Pencil.

Everybody else can see where Apple’s been, and where it’s going — and should upgrade when they can. This year, Apple further differentiated even its one-handed iOS experience from the new tablet-optimized iPadOS, while still keeping both distinct from the conventional Mac. And that makes me appreciate the pioneering work Apple is doing in Accessibility for those who desperately need it.