Features of Gitlab

GitLab is a powerful, open source project management tool offering a distributed repository manager, providing issue-tracking, collaborative editing and build-base functionality, using an open source license, developed by Gitlab Inc. The software was developed by Ukrainian developers Valery Sizov and Dmitryy Zyube. Gitlab offers end-to-end platform solutions for managing the Git repositories on multiple servers, including Helm, N Git, Bazaar, Confluence, ZenCart, Workflow, etc. The product also allows multiple users to manage their repository on the same remote server. This feature is referred to as multi-prong control.

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The main features of the product include feature rich documentation, feature rich tools, collaborative editing, versioning and workflow automation, versioning facilities, bug tracking, teaming and wikis. Gitlab is highly flexible and modifiable, allowing users to customize it according to their needs. Users can easily write, read and edit any kind of code repository management technology. It also provides several add-ons such as Fantastico, HgClix, etc., which are required for repository management.

While Gitlab offers many features that are quite user-friendly, the product does not have any inherent security issues. It is an ideal solution for teams planning to implement a code repository management system. Users can create, edit and manage the repositories with little or no programming or coding experience. Furthermore, it is quite easy to install and use.