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Turnaround: 5 business days (express options available)Choice of 20%-70% of their best images from the catalogAdjustment of exposureColor correction & gradingNoise reduction & snowy balanceStraightening & croppingClarity & sharpeningOptional: usage of your presets More Info Turnaround: 5 business days (express alternatives available)Color correction in Adobe Lightroom or Capture OneLocal adjustmentsAdvanced brushes & filtersDodge & BurnNoise reductionStraightening & croppingClarity & sharpening Turnaround: finished order within 36 business hoursColor correction in Adobe Lightroom or Capture OneDeliveries on Saturday & SundayUp into 400 pictures per orderNoise loss & snowy balanceStraightening & croppingClarity & sharpening Turnaround: 10 to 30 business days (depending on editing mode )Different video editing stylesFusion movies from video and photo filesSpecial effects & dramaturgyColor correctionImage stabilizationMixing of songs & voicesSound correction & leveling FAQSAnswers into the most often asked questions How can I short PIE concerning my editing style? Your images will, obviously, be edited depending on your specifications. You have many possibilities to brief usSend us a URL to your site, blog or portfolio. Our staff will assess your images and process your order based on your style. Send us example pictures with small resolution. This is sometimes pictures of a complete wedding or just a few before and after pictures. Send us an email or explain your own editing style in the color + design blog / 5 wedding video editing services review by job directions of the order form, mentioning as many particulars as you’d like. Send us one of the (edited) Lightroom catalogues along with this Smart Previews. It is sometimes a comprehensive catalog or simply 20 to 50 pictures to exhibit your style and workflow. Send in your customized Lightroom presets along with the catalogue. If you are certain, you provided us with the information required, please put an order. For each job, you have the choice of obtaining ten job samples, whereas you are able to send us feedback for us to comprehend your editing style. If your personality changes in the future, please do not neglect to notify us of the modifications. Moreover, some of those points are discussed at the movie below: Would you prefer RAWs in comparison with JPEGs? RAWs include more info than JPEGs meaning that the team has more information to use and the outcome results are much better. Nonetheless, in the case of weddings, events and other colour correction dictates all that we want are Lightroom Smart Previews. For more information on Smart Previews please review the movies below: Would PIE work with my Lightroom presets? Obviously, it is possible to send us your Lightroom presets. Furthermore, PIE owns the latest VSCO presets in Addition to many others