Cistern to Your shower in the cottage with heating

The summer shower to the dacha plot is regarded as the No. 2 structure, as the first in importance is your outdoor toilet. At first glance, this simple structure has nothing complicated, but such a trifle as the selection and installation of a plastic tank to get the shower in the dacha will bring a good deal of trouble. How to cope with these nuances on their own, we’ll now attempt to comprehend. With or without heating

Before you opt for a tank for the shower at the nation must decide on its functionality. On if this plastic container is going to be equipped with heating system, is contingent on the comfort of bathing. There are two Kinds of tanks used in dacha showers:

  • Multifunctional and convenient to utilize is a heated shower tank, also focusing on power. Needless to say, and without linking to power this tank can be used, but in this is the comfort of taking water procedures. If the sun didn’t have sufficient time to heat water, then this problem can readily be solved with electricity. It is convenient to install a tank with heating system, in the event the shower will be utilised in early spring and late autumn. Hot summer days, the water within the tank is going to be heated by sunlight, so in this period of time, the heating system is simply not comprised.
  • A plastic tank without heating is a regular tank, like a barrel mounted in the roof of a bathtub home. The water from the tank is heated from sunlight. In other words, if the weather is wet and muddy, it is possible to take just a refreshing shower or deny to bathe at all. Tanks without heating is appropriate to put in the event that the cabin is seen very infrequently, and then just in summertime.

The principal difference between those tanks just installed heating element. Size, quantity, and color of this product can be quite different. It’s important that any chosen tank had a broad neck, simple to pour water and was securely attached to the roof of the shower house.

Tip: Flat black tanks are all effective. A massive part of a thin layer of water can be heated faster by sunlight. Black walls of this tank attract the sun’s rays, plus the water inside the tank does not blossom.

Design includes of plastic shower tanks

Plastic shower tanks for summer homes are especially popular with consumers for several reasons;

  • A unique essay of plastic is employed to produce the tanks, which increases the product’s lifespan to 30-50 decades. At exactly the same moment, plastic tanks for summer showers have been distinguished by a moderate cost, light weight and ease of installation.
  • Flat square-shaped tanks are perfect for covering outdoor shower homes instead of a roof. All you have to do is build the shower boxand repair the tank in addition instead of the roof.
  • At the manufacture of shower tanks, many manufacturers utilize food-grade polyethylene, which doesn’t detract from exposure to UV rays. Environmentally friendly material ensures that the safety of water during long-term storage. Vinyl doesn’t corrode under all circumstances, which cannot be said about alloy.

When selecting a plastic tank should be aware that the tanks without electric heating most frequently are made in bulk from 100 to 200 liters. Round heated tanks are made in the shape of drums having a volume of 50 to 130 gallons of water. Horizontal heated tanks are usually created for 200 gallons of liquid. In any style, water has been poured in buckets through a wide neck or by pump.

Rarely does anyone in the dacha construct a funding shower made from brick or cinder block. Usually its usage is limited to 3 summertime and after that during the planting of the vegetable garden, as well as harvesting. For this short period it is enough to build a light cottage out of any sheet material. Not a poor solution is that a shower to get dacha from polycarbonate having a living area, which is not tricky to design and make yourself. Why it is Much Better to choose polycarbonate for lining the shower

Polycarbonate is only one substance to get a dacha shower. With this case with victory will suit the profiled sheeting or batten. Just now we decided to stop just with this stunning and durable material.

Let’s consider the Benefit of utilizing polycarbonate for cladding the shower over other similar materials:

  • If the benefits of polycarbonate have convinced you, let’s proceed to another phase of constructing a shower for dacha.
  • A Couple of important tips Concerning the development of the design of a Nation shower with a changing room

Even such a simple construction, as a bathtub from polycarbonate for dacha requires the creation of this project. It is not necessary to construct complex drawings, and also a simple scheme can be retrieved out. Here you need to immediately decide for yourself what you wish to build a shower. Very fast you may earn a lightweight stall and only put it to the floor. More complicated in the production of shower on the foundation with water heating, but such a design will probably last longer. In addition, in a dacha shower you will be able to bathe in the cold.

So, we begin to independently develop a project:

  • Structure of a dacha shower begins with determining its location. It’s essential to note that the tank ought to be constantly filled with water. Carrying it in buckets from afar is embarrassing and difficult. It is better to place the shower stall near the water intake.
  • In the event the dacha shower will probably bathe a whole lot of individuals, it should be put as close as possible into the cesspool or septic tank. Close installation dacha bath close to the cesspool will definitely save on laying sewer pipes, but it’s desirable to not attract the stall nearer to the accumulator of impurities closer than 3 m. On hot days, awful smells from the sewage system will penetrate the shower, making an unpleasant air while bathing.
  • The water in the tank of a summer shower is heated by the sun. The stall must be placed in the sunniest place, where there’s not any shade in the trees and tall constructions.
  • In the shower booth and shifting room from polycarbonate must provide lighting, so you are able to bathe at night. Only it is necessary to think about that the lights need to have a high degree of protection against water. It is optimal to put shower cottages on the back of the home. Here are nearest to the sewer, water source and not far to pull on the electric cable for light.
  • Decided on the location of the place of this summer shower, begin to generate a scheme of the cabin itself from polycarbonate. Originally it had been determined that the backyard shower will probably be with all the changing room. In case the standard for the magnitude of this conventional shower stall 1x1h2,2 m, then the locker room might need to add a length of approximately 0.6 m. In this case, the diameter of this layout tends to turn out 1 m, and the span of 1,6 m. When the owners are overweight men and women, then the diameter of the shower cubicle with a locker room is better to increase 1.2 m.
  • in the shower booth provide separation. Separate the dressing area threshold, as well as tarpaulin curtain. They won’t allow the water to wet clothes and shoes.
  • If desired, the dressing area can be organized from the anteroom. Then, near the shower enclosure individually install extra racks, to that fasten sheets of polycarbonate. The dimensions of the pre-bath depends on the preferences of the proprietor. Occasionally cottagers build bigger pre-baths where, in addition to the dressing room, equip a recreation area. Indoors there are seats and a desk.
  • The whole height of this shower cabin from floor to roof is at least 2.2 m. along with the tank it can attain 2.5 m, and even greater. The height within the shower stall will be lower. Section of the space below will have a wooden tray, and the shirt will probably hang on out a watering can with a faucet less than 15 cm.

Given these variables, on a piece of paper sketches the scheme of the shower with a polycarbonate dressing area, and then proceed to its construction.