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If you purchase something out of the links on this page, we earn a commission. Why trust us? Stocksy Sometimes, there is nothing like a coloring book to maintain a kiddo entertained. Honestly, it is great to really have an excuse to have a rest from the tablet computer, too. Give a lucky kid one (or more! ) ) Of these top coloring books for children and watch the masterpieces materialize. 1 of 8 Unicorn Collection Color by Number for Kids If you have a tiny unicorn-lover at home between the ages of 4 and 2, chances are this coloring book will help keep your kiddo entertained for hours on end. It is so magical! Coloring by amounts will help your child feel comfortable with counting, also. More: These will be the Finest Unicorn Gifts for Fans of Whimsy 2 of 8 Preschool Color and Activity Book This adorable coloring publication was created with preschoolers in mind. The interesting motif will bring a smile to almost any kid’s head, and we can guarantee that the 200 bonus stickers may go over nicely, too. In addition to coloring inside the lines (yeah, like this will ever happen! ) Your kiddo can remain entertained by trying some of these puzzles that are included, too. 3 of 8 Dinosaur Coloring Book for Kids Rawr! Here is the dream dino coloring book for any kiddo from ages 3 to 8. Your Beautiful Women Portraits Coloring Book | Free Coloring Pages child can colour in various dinosaurs and learn about different species along the way. 4 of Farm Coloring Book This sweet farm coloring book is an ideal pick for the kiddo who knows a thing or two on piggies, ducks, cows, and other barnyard animals. Yes, it’s okay to color the sheep crimson! 5 of 8 Space Coloring and Activity Book for Kids This coloring and activity book is centered around space, and it’s excellent for little astronauts between the ages of 8 and 4. Board a rocket and fly to the moon or place the UFOs! Your child can color and solve problems through countless distance assignments. 6 of 8 Great Vibes Coloring Book This coloring book is about the great vibes, and let us be honest, it’s never to early to introduce your little one to feeling good! They will find inspiration and joy on every webpage, using twisty designs which they can dab with just about any colour. 7 of 8 Mandala Coloring Book for Children This mandala coloring book offers simple mandala designs that look beautiful when they’re all colored inside. To make each mandala truly pop, encourage your kiddo to utilize mark and add as many colors as possible. 8 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: A Coloring Book This classic coloring book includes whimsical illustrations which will keep any seasoned coloring kid in a trance for hours. Stories are shown within each page