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You will begin with Tenses course where an AI-powered bot will greet you Download Learn English Phrases APK for Android. It will then guide you through an interactive chat where you have to choose answers from the given options. This ad-supported app is free to use and works offline which is impressive considering its small app size.

This emphasis on speaking the language and practicing pronunciation develops confident English language learners who have the skills to engage in conversations. Those who focus on vocabulary acquisition and grammar may struggle to learn how to speak English with confidence, especially in impromptu conversations. That’s why a successful language learning program should help contextualize learning English with practical phrases and exercise that help you speak the language.

Tinycards By Duolingo

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  • It is as capable as smartphones and allows us to test and run applications on API levels.
  • You can also look for content from a particular country or region for times when you need to acclimate your ear to a certain accent.
  • For instance, in English, 4663 matches “good”, “home”, “gone”, “hood”, etc.
  • You are making a lot of impacts especially in Ghana, Africa.
  • There are also some WordReference extras that add some value to the resource.
  • The app will help you find the location of nearby autism treatment centers and read important news about autism.

These applications are very light and can be used easily. So, the children can also operate with ease and learn their spells. The elder students can learn the tricks in spelling the word easily.

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Each English learning app is designed for different people, and each app has its own strengths. So depending on what you need, you can try out these apps—I hope you’ll find them to be useful. While this is normal for anyone learning a new language, it can also be really frustrating.

Hindi English Translator is a free app which you can use it offline as well. Translate the words to Hindi or English and get your sentences or words. There is Camera Mode, in which you can take pictures of text for high-quality translations in 37 languages.