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They’re the cheapest, but lack the ability to see what’s happened behind you. Dash cam videos can be timestamped in a way that’s tamper-proof, making them a great source of evidence for any kind of road incident. As well as this it would be nice to see all current speed cameras in the city to be updgraded Xerox Printers Drivers from Driversol to Truvelo D-Cameras. These new digital cameras don’t require film, instead the Truvelo D-Cam can either store up to 100,000 digital photos or send the photos in real-time via an ADSL/3G connection to a back office for processing. The latest Truvelo cameras named D-Cam are part of a new digital camera range which are mounted to polls at the side or central reservation of the road.

70% agree that any anyone prosecuted because of video footage recorded by another road user deserves the punishment given to them. 24% of respondents already own a dash cam, while another 18% are seriously considering buying one. The combined and widespread use of dash cams and black boxes in the future could help insurers in deciding your insurance premium.

Click OK. If your camera has audio it will now be accepted by the program. Change the video resolution to 720×480 or the highest resolution available, then click OK. Once this has finished, you will need to install a free program called iSpy so you can view the camera on your computer.

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You can be sure that many people will feel comfortable owning a model from this brand. In the new GDPR rules about handling employees’ data, vehicle operators are considered the data controller. In an LIA, they need to declare that the capture and processing of video-based data is necessary for a road transport business to monitor vehicle performance, driver behaviour and to ensure road safety. Best practice guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office, outlines how to conduct an LIA (see /ehatuf) and provides a template (www. There is more information on legitimate interest from the Data Protection Network (/adezuf).

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Connect the USB Device to your computer and wait for the PC to finish installing the ‘AV TO USB 2.0’ driver. Once extracted run the iSPySetup and follow through the installation. The UVC Homepage – The home of the Universal Video Class for Linux project.

Both dash cams and a black box provide valuable information about your journeys. While dash cams provide a visual record of your journey, a telematics box holds the data that shows your driving style. You don’t need a licence or any other requirements to use a dash cam. And if you suspect you’ve been a victim of a crash for cash fraud, submitting dash cam evidence could help you be properly compensated and prevent it happening to others. Front view dash cams capture everything in front of you, including traffic you’re following.

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That document also contains a completed example that is relevant to the use of technology in fleet operations. There’s no definite evidence that dash cams have helped to reduce road deaths. Research from the Department of Transport shows that the number has stayed much the same from 2010 to 2018, after falling dramatically from 2006. Around a third of dash cam users say they’re constantly aware of the possibility of being filmed.